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Forward Orders

Schedule orders to be delivered on different dates

Purchasing Manager

Manage your companies buying across multiple users

Large Orders

We're always happy to negotiate on larger orders.

Production Packaging

We supply parts in industry standard packaging types


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Online community of technical experts and free design tools

Tecnical Help

RS Technical Help

We've got all the information and support you need

What is it?

  • Free access to product information, including over 550,000 data sheets, charts and tables
  • Plus free advice and information from our technical agents and engineers
  • Our experts will locate any RS product and find information on a discontinued or alternative product
  • Answers to technical questions provided the same working day
  • Information available 24/7/365.

How does it help me?

  • Greater efficiency: because you'll always have the information you need
  • Saves time: you can get professional technical help 24/7/365.

Access technical data when viewing the product onsite or contact our technical helpline.