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    Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact

    Empowering the All Electric Society

    Phoenix Contact is a leading global manufacturer and trusted innovator in the field of industrial automation, interconnection, and interface solutions. The product range includes components and system solutions for power supply including wind and solar, equipment and mechanical engineering as well as control cabinet construction. This includes terminals, connectors, cable connection technology and installation accessories as well as electronic interfaces, power supplies, automation systems, safety solutions, surge protection systems, software- programmes and tools. Today, Phoenix Contact is paving the way for a sustainable future through innovative solutions for industrial digitalization and e-mobility. Whether you are creating new systems or retrofitting, Phoenix Contact has detailed solutions ready to support you in your journey toward a carbon-neutral society.

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    COMPLETE line - Time for the new standard

    • Saving time in the entire engineering process, thanks to seamless software support
    • Intuitive handling, thanks to the uniform design, haptics, and function
    • Reduced logistics costs with standardized accessories and reduced parts diversity
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    • SFB Technology selectively triggers standard miniature circuit breakers
    • Preventive function monitoring reports critical operating
    • Starts difficult loads with Dynamic Boost
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    Solutions for the Control Cabinet

    COMPLETE line is a system comprising technologically leading and coordinated hardware and software products, consulting services, and system solutions that help you optimize your processes in control cabinet manufacturing.

    feed-through terminal blocks

    Terminal Blocks

    Allowing two or more conductors in just one terminal, save space with feed-through terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact. Characterised by flexibility, bridgeability and optimum marking options.

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