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Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager

We can help you manage processes, cutting costs

What is it?

A free web-based procurement tool that helps you manage your purchasing processes while cutting back your procure-to-pay costs. There's no cost or investment involved, as you don't need to upgrade your IT systems or software – all you need is internet access and email addresses for all users.


  • You decide how you want the order forms configured
  • We will provide advice on how to simplify your existing purchasing process
  • Your users are ready to order, using the controls set by you
  • Process cost and material cost savings
  • Spend management/ reporting supplier rationales
  • A cost-effective solution for high-volume, low-value, ad-hoc purchasing
  • Easy-to-use and can be operational within days of enquiry
  • Automates sections of the purchasing process
  • Supports the whole process, from ordering through to goods receiving
  • Implements and controls workflow management, tailored to the way you work and your requirements
  • Let’s your staff place their own orders, under your control, with a full suite of online management reports
  • Flexible and customisable so different departments or sites can work in the way they want with individually customised workflows and terminology

How does it help me?

  • Saves time: by streamlining your purchasing processes and speeding up supplier rationalisation in all departments
  • Increases efficiency: staff can focus on high-value tasks rather than spending time and additional cost on processing low value orders
  • Gives you more control: keep up-to-date with the RS purchasing activities of your staff within RS, enforce contract compliance and restrict maverick purchases.
  • Saves money: visibility of clear data from requisition to invoice, reduces cost in order errors, product returns and invoice reconciliation across all departments.


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