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    Wipes & Cloths

    Cleaning wipes and cloths have a wide variety of uses across all industries, and we have a vast range for you to choose from so you can find the right solution for the job, at the right price. Wipes and cloths offer a brilliant solution for absorbing spillages, or they can be used to surfaces that need to be disinfected or surfaces that need to be kept dust free with use of a disposable wipe or a cloth. We stock cleaning wipes and cloths from leading brands including Chicopee, J-cloth, Ambersil, Kimberly Clark or very own brand RS Pro. Our range of wipes and cloths are available in a selection of sizes and package sizes.

    What are Cloths and Wipes?

    Designed to help you tidy up spills, clean and polish surfaces and can even clean and disinfect your hands or tools quickly and easily. Depending on what types you choose, they're made from a variety of different materials including plastic polymers, micro fibre, cotton, and cellulose fibres.

    Types of Wipes and Cloths

    Wipes - these can be used on a variety of surfaces and can remove dust and dirt from a surface or be used to disinfect areas. For example, anti-bacterial wipes can kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. Single use only, but a useful alternative instead of a disinfectant spray. Effective antibacterial wipes include alcohol which kills germs and leaves a wet feel until it evaporates. Multi-purpose wipes are also a great all-round option and have a wide range of uses, from cleaning up spills to polishing glass and mirrors.

    Cleaning sponges - with their porous properties, sponges are excellent at absorbing liquids such as water and detergents. They're also very gentle on delicate surfaces.

    Scouring pads - effective at removing stubborn stains and dirt, also known as scourers, made from either metal or plastic materials which form an abrasive surface. Care should be taken when using this cleaning cloth as they can scratch delicate surfaces, although non-scratch scouring pads are available.

    Cloths - these are an impressive addition for a vast amount of cleaning jobs, from soaking up spillages, dusting over objects and surfaces, finally wiping over surfaces wet or dry. Cloths have a high absorbent capacity, making them perfect for dealing with spillages.