Brilliant ideas lead to innovative technologies.
Schools and universities are the natural places in which the ideas come to life. Even the most disruptive idea cannot make any difference without the proper tools and support.
RS Components can provide schools and universities with a wide and constantly updated offer of the most recent technologies, working closely and supporting them with their projects.

Robotics Lab

From the latest open source industrial hardware up to full robotic arms, RS Components can support robotics projects with a wide and daily growing offer of products and accessories, with the reliability of the industrial standards.

Robolink D Robotic Arm

Automation Lab

Open source automation hardware is an hot topic within education. Students and developers can design and build their projects by using real industrial compliance products combined with the flexibility of the open source programming.
RS Components is constantly searching for innovative products and new solutions for its customers, like Barth open source PLC.

Barth Electronik has developed and is still developing a series of open source highly integrated programmable logic controllers providing outstanding graphical programming capability at lowest current consumption and small form factor.

Barth has developed a graphical programming suite called miCon-L Software Suite, which is distributed for free and features programming, simulation and test in one unique software design tool.

Don't miss the new Barth project based on the new STG-700 with stepper motor application

Process Automation

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Electronic Workbench Lab

The electronic workbench is very often the core of almost any projects.
Latest and future technologies are based on advanced electronics and it is mandatory to keep the electronic workbench up to date with the latest tools and instruments.

RS Component works closely with Tektronix especially on the side of applications specific for education.
Tektronix SmartLab is the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution for quickly setting up and efficiently managing basic electronics in engineering laboratories at colleges and universities.


It can give support up to 100 test benches with up to 600 instruments improving classrooms scheduling, energy management and providing real time better information from professor desk to the students benches and viceversa.

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Electronics Workbench Essentials

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Mechanical Lab

RS Pro
Just after the initial idea and the virtual simulations every project needs hardware to become real.
RS Components can support education projects with an extremely wide offer of engineering materials, adhesives, fasteners, plumbing, pneumatics, hydraulics, power transmission and any kind of tools.
RS Components works actively also with professional bloggers for the creation of "how to...
" videos which can give an additional support to students in their way from idea to reality.

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RS University

What is RS University?

RS University is a global initiative from RS Components, the no.1 high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Our university programme supports engineering educators to train the engineers of tomorrow. A suite of useful resources is available for educators including powerful design tools, professionally commissioned teaching materials, training workshops and material donations.

For more information click HERE

Schools like Operations

Today more and more schools are becoming like real operations with the same kind of needs or even more.
Like factories they have to manage budget, as well as people and resources. They are indeed 24 / 7 operation.
RS Components is working closely with schools to provide them with the most relevant brands, products and specific offers, no matter if they are just looking for ordinary maintenance or for the latest technology.

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