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    Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

    Facilities cleaning and maintenance products are essential to keep your business, organisation or commercial space and equipment up to the highest of hygiene and aesthetic standards. Whether you are carrying out janitorial and housekeeping tasks, re-decorating or maintaining stock levels of day-to-day cleaning equipment, at RS we have a wide and varied range to meet your requirements. Featuring products from leading brands in the cleaning and maintenance industries, we have sourced only the best products to ensure you can find what you need to minimise the risk of illness, infection or accidents within your organisation.

    What is included in facilities cleaning and maintenance equipment?

    Cleaning and maintenance is a vast industry concerned with the disinfection and sanitisation of all general and private spaces, from desks and meeting rooms to washrooms and communal kitchens. In order to help you maintain this important aspect of daily life, both at work and at home, we have brought together a comprehensive collection of equipment to suit janitorial, housekeeping and specialist cleaning services, including:

    • Mops, buckets and dust pans - for general cleanliness and housekeeping.
    • Paint, paint brushes, sprays and painting tools - for re-decorating and surface or tool protection.
    • Cleaning essentials - such as wipes, sponges, pads, cloths, and scrubbers for general cleanliness and maintenance.

    Beyond general maintenance, we provide a wide range of highly essential facilities cleaning and maintenance products and equipment that can be used in commercial, hospitality and office/workplace environments, including carpet cleaning machines, pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, degreasers, glass cleaners, disinfectants and sanitisers, and waste removal bins. We also have a selection of washroom equipment and supplies, including sanitisers, soaps and soap dispensers, toilet rolls, paper towels, hand creams and hand dryers.

    Also key to the facilities cleaning and maintenance industry, we offer health and safety products that you can put in place to let others know of any potential health & safety risks or hazards. For example, we have caution cones and signs that can be used for employee awareness if there is a wet floor. We also have barrier tapes that allow you to close off an area quickly so to protect your staff and/or customers.

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