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    Waste Bin Lids

    Find a new or replacement waste bin lid from our selection of durable, heavy-duty designs for both indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial use. Choose from a range of styles to suit the design of your waste bin and how and where you use it.

    Applications for waste bin lids

    Strong waste bins and their corresponding lids can be used for a variety of purposes, including the storage and disposal of food or industry-standard methods to effectively manage waste and recycling. A strong waste bin lid will make sure the contents of your bin is kept contained.

    Features and benefits of waste bin lids

    The features and benefits of waste bin lids may include:

    • Professional-grade construction so they will not peel or chip and are dent-resistant.
    • Strong, snap-on designs to offer stable and secure stacking of containers.
    • Designs with built-in handles designed to allow non-slip lifting and nesting without jamming.
    • Interchangable tops that can be used as part of a colour-coded recycling system to promote waste separation.
    • Self-draining designs to reduce water pooling when stored outside.
    • Different colours for easy labelling.
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