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    RS ZA B-BBEE Certificate

    RS is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor

    RS South Africa Achieves a Level 2 B-BBEE Status

    RS South Africa is proud to announce that we have achieved a Level 2 B-BBEE status. Over the years, we have embarked on a significant B-BBEE journey, characterised by a series of impactful initiatives aimed at enhancing our B-BBEE score and fostering broader empowerment.

    The motivation for pursuing B-BBEE compliance at RS South Africa goes beyond mere legal conformity; it encompasses a broader commitment and purpose within the South African business landscape. B-BBEE addresses historical inequalities, contributes to social responsibility, addresses high unemployment rates by equipping individuals with employable skills and promotes economic participation among historically disadvantaged groups. Ultimately, B-BBEE reflects a commitment by RS South Africa as a responsible corporate citizen to social and economic transformation.

    Learn more about how our business has evolved over the past two decades and the various initiatives that we have committed to over the years, in order to foster empowerment and advance economic transformation.

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    One of our most significant achievements to date has been overcoming the challenge of local Ownership. Recently, we implemented an ownership transaction that elevates our BEE status to Level 2. This transaction ensures meaningful empowerment through the Inqolobane Investment Trust, holding a 25% interest in RS South Africa, with the Qhubeka Charity the ultimate beneficiary. The Qhubeka Charity, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing social mobility. Qhubeka's mission involves providing bicycles to schoolchildren and essential workers across South Africa and Southern Africa. Since its inception in 2005, Qhubeka has donated over 105,000 bicycles to communities across the country. Notably, Qhubeka holds a Level 1 B-BBEE status, with beneficiaries encompassing 100% black individuals, evenly distributed between males and females.

    The impact of Qhubeka's bicycles is profound, as they enable learners to reach school on time as they are three times faster than having to walk. This translates to improved attendance, better academic performance, and reduced dropout rates. Furthermore, Qhubeka meticulously tracks the academic progress and performance of their beneficiary schools, comparing results annually against the data issued by the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

    Management Control

    The company has implemented various initiatives aimed at promoting diversity within the business over the past few years, by increasing the representation of black individuals at senior management and executive levels within the company. We have built a diverse, skilled leadership team, bringing together individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We believe that this diversity leads to more innovative solutions and a deeper understanding of diverse customer and stakeholder needs.

    Skills Development

    For Skills Development, we have remained dedicated to internal and external skills enhancement. In addition to our comprehensive training programs and qualifications for employees, we run Learnership programs for both unemployed and employed learners, and an annual Bursary scheme. 

    These Learnership programmes not only equip individuals with valuable skills and qualifications, but also boosts their employability. We're particularly proud to have absorbed two learners into permanent employment since the commencement of our Learnerships and in total we have supported 18 unemployed learners and 6 employed Learners since 2017. 

    Our Bursary program supports young black university students, primarily in the Engineering field, providing access to higher education for previously disadvantaged individuals. Through our Bursary programme we have sponsored 35 CPUT students with their studies.

    Furthermore, in 2022, we embraced the YES programme (Youth Employment Service) to help combat youth unemployment in South Africa. This initiative involves upskilling youth through a 12-month workplace experience and training program which is facilitated through an implementation partner. To date, we have sponsored 24 Youth through the YES programme.

    Enterprise Supplier Development

    Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives are at the core of our commitment to fostering black-owned small businesses. We actively source from black-owned suppliers, provide access to resources and financing, establish partnerships, and ensure transparent procurement processes. Our goal is to empower these businesses, drive economic transformation, and nurture sustainable growth within the business ecosystem.

    Socio-Economic Development

    We take great pride in our active involvement in numerous local socio-economic development initiatives, which not only foster enduring community advancement but also champion inclusive economic prosperity and sustainable access to economic opportunities. In recent years, we have extended our support to our employees by providing bursaries for their children's education, underscoring our dedication to addressing one of South Africa's paramount challenges: education. Additionally, we make meaningful contributions towards various organisations with our annual Mandela Day drives as well as donations of stock to qualifying beneficiaries, ensuring that these resources are put to beneficial use.

    At RS South Africa we remain committed to advancing empowerment and transformation in South Africa while fostering sustainable access to opportunities for all.