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    Suction Lifters

    A suction lifter is a device that helps to move large objects in both commercial and industrial environments. Suction lifters are used with materials such as glass and metal. Cup suction lifters help to reduce the risk of damage occurring when moving items, especially critical with materials such as glass. Lift capacity or load capacity refers to the weight of the object that the handle can carry. It is important to ensure that your choice of handle has the right capacity for your application. Some lifters can hold up to 80 kg.

    How do they work?

    Suction lifters feature a handle and at least one suction cup. Suction cups utilise the negative fluid pressure of air to create a vacuum seal and suction onto a surface. By attaching the rubber suction pads to a flat surface, typically glass or ceramic, you can then use it as a handle for moving objects of varying weights and sizes.Safe working loads for manual handling suction filters range from 10kg to 60kg per lifter.

    What materials do they lift?

    GlassSynthetic panelsCoated wood panelsSheet metal i.e. aluminiumMarble

    Where might I use suction lifters?

    **Applications such as:**Industrial sectorsAutomotive (windscreens)Retail sectorsWarehousesFactoriesHome

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