TVS Diodes

Transient voltage suppressor diodes, more commonly known as TVS diodes, are used to protect integrated circuits (ICs). TVS diodes protect semiconductors and sensitive components against high transient voltage spikes (overvoltage).

TVS diodes are offered in both through hole and surface mount packages. They can be unidirectional or bidirectional. Unidirectional TVS diodes will only allow positive or negative voltage whereas bidirectional diodes can operate at both positive and negative voltages.

TVS diodes are able to conduct large currents to the ground due to their construction. They feature a much larger p-n junction cross-sectional area than standard diodes.

What are the benefits of using transient voltage suppressor diodes?

TVS diodes respond incredibly quickly to overvoltage events, clamping transient voltages almost immediately. This enables them to protect circuits from the effects of arcing, inductive load switching, lightning strikes, EFT (electrical fast transients) and the ESD (electrostatic discharge) created by data lines and electronic circuits.

What do I need to consider when choosing a TVS diode?

There are a number of differentiators when choosing a TVS diode, but two key factors to consider are reverse standoff voltage and breakdown voltage.

  • Reverse standoff voltage - This is the operating voltage that the data or power line should not exceed.

  • Breakdown voltage - This is the voltage rating at which the TVS diode will provide protection and start conducting current to the ground. This voltage value is normally a little high than the reverse standoff voltage


TVS diodes have numerous applications but are well suited to protect

  • microprocessors

  • MOS memory

  • AC power lines

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • Consumer electronics

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Description Price Diode Configuration Direction Type Maximum Clamping Voltage Minimum Breakdown Voltage Maximum Peak Pulse Current Mounting Type Package Type Maximum Reverse Stand-off Voltage Maximum Reverse Leakage Current Pin Count Peak Pulse Power Dissipation ESD Protection Number of Elements per Chip Minimum Operating Temperature
RS stock no. 691-0663
Mfr. Part No.RCLAMP1654P.TCT
R 18.276
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Complex Array Uni-Directional 30V 6.5V 5A Surface Mount SLP EP 5.5V 1µA 6 200W Yes 2 -55 °C
RS stock no. 163-7314
Mfr. Part No.ESDA15P60-1U1M
R 1.078
Each (On a Reel of 8000)
Array Uni-Directional 22.7V 13.6V 57A Surface Mount QFN 13.2V 50nA 2 1200W Yes 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 151-3157
R 1.516
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Dual Bi-Directional 5.5V 6V 9A Surface Mount DSN0603 3.3V 50nA 2 - Yes 2 -40 °C
RS stock no. 921-7660
Mfr. Part No.824520281
R 5.097
Each (In a Pack of 25)
Single Uni-Directional 45.4V 32.75V 13.3A Surface Mount DO-214AA (SMB) - 1µA 2 600W - 1 -65 °C
RS stock no. 192-5149
Mfr. Part No.SMB6F15A
R 4.14
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Single Uni-Directional 24.4 V, 32.5 V 16.7V 25.1 A, 123 A Surface Mount SMB Flat (DO221-AA) 15V 1µA 2 600W Yes 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 168-8620
Mfr. Part No.SMP1800SCMC
R 7.936
Each (On a Reel of 2500)
Single Bi-Directional - 180V 500A Surface Mount DO-214AA (SMB) 170V 5µA 2 - - 1 -40 °C
RS stock no. 187-1402
Mfr. Part No.PTVS1-380C-TH
R 403.386
Each (In a Tray of 5)
- Bi-Directional 520 (Typ.)V 401V 1kA Through Hole - 380V - 2 - - 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 180-7954
Mfr. Part No.SMF12A-E3-08
R 0.958
Each (In a Pack of 25)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS stock no. 921-0981
Mfr. Part No.D5V0F1U2S9-7
R 4.864
Each (In a Pack of 30)
Single Uni-Directional 12V 6V 1.5A Surface Mount SOD-923 5.5V 100nA 2 0.25W Yes 3 -65 °C
RS stock no. 815-1020
Mfr. Part No.5KP85A-E3/54
R 31.426
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Single Uni-Directional 137V 94.4V 36.5A Through Hole P600 85V 2µA 2 5000W - 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 162-3977
Mfr. Part No.824540261
R 6.02
Each (On a Reel of 500)
Single Uni-Directional 42.1V 30.4V 35.7A Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMC) - 1µA 2 1500W - 1 -65 °C
RS stock no. 171-3869
Mfr. Part No.SMF6.0A
R 1.569
Each (On a Reel of 3000)
Single Uni-Directional 10.3V 6.67V 19.4A Surface Mount SOD-123FL 6V 400µA 2 200W Yes 1 -65 °C
RS stock no. 159-6378
Mfr. Part No.P6SMB20A-E3/52
R 2.505
Each (On a Reel of 750)
Single Uni-Directional 27.7V 19V 21.7A Surface Mount DO-214AA (SMB) 17V 1µA 2 600W - 1 -65 °C
RS stock no. 921-7058
Mfr. Part No.824551900
R 11.022
Each (In a Pack of 10)
Single Bi-Directional 15.4V 10.5V 194.8A Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMC) - 20µA 2 3000W - 1 -65 °C
RS stock no. 802-2468
Mfr. Part No.SMCJ170CA
R 8.732
Each (In a Pack of 20)
Single Bi-Directional 275V 189V 5.5A Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMC) 170V 5µA 2 1500W - 1 -
RS stock no. 805-8861
Mfr. Part No.SMF05T1G
R 4.484
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Common Anode Uni-Directional 12.5V 6.2V 12A Surface Mount SOT-323 (SC-70) 5V 5µA 5 200W Yes 4 -55 °C
RS stock no. 180-8272
Mfr. Part No.GSOT24C-HE3-08
R 1.552
Each (On a Reel of 3000)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS stock no. 166-3120
Mfr. Part No.SMBJ26A
R 1.916
Each (On a Reel of 3000)
Single Uni-Directional 42.1V 28.9V 14.3A Surface Mount DO-214AA (SMB) 26V 5µA 2 600W - 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 168-7193
Mfr. Part No.SM4T10CAY
R 2.639
Each (On a Reel of 5000)
Single Bi-Directional 19.5V 9.4V 124A Surface Mount DO-214AC (SMA) 8.5V 50µA 2 400W - 1 -55 °C
RS stock no. 171-4156
Mfr. Part No.SMCJ200CA
R 5.894
Each (On a Reel of 3000)
Single Bi-Directional 324V 224V 4.6A Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMC) 200V 1µA 2 1500W Yes 1 -65 °C