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    Plastic Shims

    A plastic shim is a thin durable piece of plastic that is used to fill the gaps between objects to support, create a better fit or provide a level surface. Plastic shims can also be used to provide wear resistance between parts. Plastic shims come in various thicknesses and colours so they can be easily identified. They are also waterproof and resistant to weather changes making them ideal for use outside.

    Uses for Plastic Shims

    Plastic shims are easy to fit and remove so they are a fast and economical way of levelling battens and frames. As they are easy to manipulate, they can provide you with a greater range of applications.

    What colours of plastic shim are available

    Plastic shims are available in a wide variety of colours, allowing them to be organised and identified quickly and efficiently. Different colour plastic shims can be sorted according to size and the type of application they are suited to. Plastic shims are commonly available in colours such as

    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Clear
    • White
    • Yellow

    Can plastic shims be cut to size

    Plastic shims can be custom cut to size, providing the user with flexibility. Unlike pre-cut shims, whole plastic shims can be altered to fit different applications.

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