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    Foot Switches

    Foot switches are a rugged electrical switch that is operated by foot pressure to change contacts within an electrical circuit. Often used on large machinery where hand operated switches are a safety concern. Some foot switches come with guard covers and feature various cable lengths, colours and contact configurations to meet a number of different requirements.

    Emergency stop foot switches are a safety device used in industrial settings. They are operated by the worker's foot, which makes them quick and simple to use. These switches are designed to prevent injury to personnel, by breaking a circuit to stop the machinery they are using from functioning.

    Foot switches are available in two common operating types:

    • Maintained / Latching - activated when pressure is applied and remains in the contact position until the switch is pressed again.
    • Momentary - requires the pedal to be compressed continually while in operation, once pressure is removed the contacts reset to the original state.

    How do emergency stop foot switches work?

    Emergency stop foot switches are used when a worker needs to urgently kill the power to a piece of machinery or equipment. They use their foot to press the switch, and this breaks the circuit, cutting the flow of current to the equipment. The foot switches often have a protective housing to prevent them from being accidentally pressed.

    Types of emergency stop foot switches

    Emergency stop foot switches may differ by the number of pedals they have, as well as the material that the pedal and its housing are made from. Not all emergency stop foot switches have a housing.

    What are foot switch bellows?

    Air operated switch system offers enhanced safety in hazardous areas by allowing remote operation of electrical circuits. The actuator is a bellows which, when compressed moves air down the air tubing to the switch element. This compressed air then expands a bellows in the switch, which operates the electrical contacts.When used in wet environments or where electrical switching would be dangerous due to arcing, the switch and all electrical wiring can be located outside the hazardous area giving the operator total electrical isolation for the equipment.

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