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    A safe is a secure lockable box for putting valuable objects in for protection against theft. Some safes are fireproof and are designed for protecting documents and valuables from fire. Safes are hollow boxes made from steel with a hinged door. The hinges are often concealed to prevent the door from being pried open. Live bolts found at the top or front of the door retract and secure and unsecure the door. Internal shelving and linings enable valuables to be stored in an ordered way and offer extra protection to fragile items like jewellery. Some safes have internal lighting and contain movement alarms that go off when the safe is tampered with. Safes can be bolted to a wall or floor for extra security or can be moved around and stored on shelves or in cupboards. Safes are designed to meet different security levels and requirements with the less secure safes used for petty cash are called cash-boxes

    Types of Safe

    Floor Safes: If you want to hide your safe, this is great opportunity for you to do it. These are usually hidden under ground and secured by concrete, some of them have welded mesh panels integrated within the concrete.

    Key Lock Safe: This locking method is the most popular. A high security key lock is used to lock and unlock the safe and help keep valuables safe and secure. Some safes feature dual key locks that require both keys to unlock the safe for added security. These safes can be wall or floor mounted for extra security and are ideal for storing smaller cash and valuables.

    Electronic Keypad Safe: This locking method features an electronic keypad where a resettable PIN code is required to open the safe. A low battery warning indicates when the batteries need replacing. Some keypads have a time delay built in or an audit trail to track who opened the safe. These safes can be wall or floor mounted for extra security

    Fingerprint Safe: These safes can only be opened when a pre-scanned fingerprint is swiped over the fingerprint reader. A resettable digital keypad and override keys are also incorporated. These safes can be bolted down for extra security.

    Fireproof Security Chest

    These safes or chests have a fire and water resistant construction and are designed to provide protection to paper documents, media and valuables from fire and flood damage. They have a top and lid and a key-lock locking mechanism.

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