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    Air Hose Reels

    An air hose reel is used for storing and dispensing air hoses helping to keep them easily accessible, organised, tangle free and protected from environmental and physical damage. The reel consists of a rotating cylindrical drum or spool around which the air hose is wound. The rotating action of the drum allows the hose to be pulled out for use to the desired length. A spring or motor driven mechanism built within the reel provides automatic retraction. Other features an air hose reel may include are locking mechanisms to secure the hose at a required length, tension controls for a smooth retraction and guides and rollers for smooth hose retrieval. Air hose reels are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling but can also be mounted on a portable floor mount frame. Swivel mounts built into the reel or installed separately allow for easy rotation of the reel when in use. Air hose reels are used for compressed air applications in wide range of industries including garages, workshops and industrial settings.

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