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    Water Meters

    Water Meters

    Water meters can be used in a number of applications from domestic property or commercial premises, irrigation systems and hydropower plants, as well as measuring water consumption.

    By installing a water meter it means that you are specifically charged for the amount of water you use, so therefore as a customer, you will always know that your bill is based solely on your usage and this is represented in the amount charged by the water company. A meter will enable you to save money, as well as plan and allocate money for water charges, based on previous usage or estimates when usage is expected to increase or decrease.

    Waters meters work by measuring the cumulative volume of water passing through the meter in cubic meters. They are primarily classed by size and to ensure meter accuracy, the flow rate must be within a specific range. The volume of water will vary with different diameters of pipe, from classes A, B, C and D.

    There are 3 main types of water meter:

    • Single Jet – water flows directly onto an impeller turbine.
    • Multi Jet – water flows on to multiple points on the impeller turbine and which aid reliability and longevity.
    • Volumetric – also known as positive displacement meters. They measure water volume by splitting the water into set fixed-volume amounts then counting the number to determine the total volume.

    Water Meters can help support a healthy building by improving Water Quality

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