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    Tool Lanyards

    A tool lanyard is an essential tool for anyone working at great heights. As well and considering your own safety, it is vital to consider the safety of others around and below you. If you were to drop a hand tool or a small power tool by accident, it could have catastrophic results if it were to hit anyone. So by using a lanyard as a tool attachment, not only are you keeping everyone safe, you are also working efficiently and saving time and money as retrieving dropped tools can be a timely process.

    Choosing the right Tool Lanyard

    When choosing a tool lanyard, it is important that you choose one that supports the weight of your tools, as different tool lanyards support different weights. A tool lanyard with the same weight range as your tools will be the most comfortable and effective whilst at work.

    It is also vitally important to consider the distance you need to be able to reach to complete the job, as well as taking into consideration that the shorter the lanyard, the more practical in the event that it were dropped, and if working in a confined space any excess lanyard could pose a danger in the event of snagging.

    Types of Tool Lanyards

    There are a number of different tool lanyards which can be attached to either a tool belt worn around the waist, ideal for tethering multi-tools or a wrist lanyard also known as a wristband for attaching tools to your wrist. Tools can then be connected via a loop or a carabiner.

    A stretch lanyard is the most popular and versatile. It is a simple way to tether tools. A coiled tool lanyard is very strong and durable and ideal for using on a work belt or on a wristband. A Webbing lanyard can be very versatile whether working with lightweight to heavy-duty loads. Retractable tool lanyards are very strong and can lock into place at the required length. Wrist lanyards can be adjustable, where a hook and loop system is used to adjust the length, or a version called a pull-away is designed for use near moving machinery. Helmet lanyards are also available to prevent your hard hat from falling if it comes off your head.

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