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    Arm Protectors

    Arm protectors or sometimes known as arm protective sleeves increase the protection offered by protective gloves and cover the entire arm or part of the arm. When working in a role where you come into contact with substances or conditions that may be hazardous and pose a risk to the user's arm, it is crucial that you have the correct protective arm gear to keep you safe and allow you to carry out the task effectively.

    Arm protectors are strength protecting against cuts and punctures, electric shock, skin infections, contamination, slashes, abrasions, hazardous chemical and are extreme temperatures. These arm protectors offer excessive cut resistance to weight ratio, and supply outstanding performance and are seamless and extraordinarily comfortable, allowing extended use without inflicting irritation. Arm protectors can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from Rubber, Stout canvas, Kevlar, Leather, Hyflex, SuperFabric and more, all ensuring safety and comfort when being worn.

    RS has a wide range of Arm protectors from well-established brands who comply within the safety regulations, such as 3M, Alpha Solway, Ansell, HexArmour and more. Available in more than a few lengths, they offer an optimum balance of dexterity and protection. There is also the choice of a thumb slot, to provide more protection to the wrist area. They can be machine washed or dry cleaned and some in the range can be disposed of after use.

    Typical Applications

    • Metal & Steel Handling
    • Press Work
    • Glass Manufacturing
    • Waste/Recycle Sorting
    • Wholesale and retail
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Human health and social work activities
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