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    Common Mode Chokes

    Common mode (CM) chokes are a type of electrical filter that reduces unwanted interference, by blocking high frequency noise but lets the desired signal to pass. Common mode noise current is usually found in sources such as unwanted radio signals, unshielded electronics, inverters and motors. If this noise is not filtered, then it can cause problems in your electronics and electrical circuits.

    RS have a great range of inductors including these common mode chokes with various inductance values and offer high attenuation over a wide frequency range.

    Why use common mode chokes?

    Common mode chokes can be used to help the prevention of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interface. By using these chokes you can help stop your electronic devices from malfunctioning.

    Things to consider before purchasing a common mode choke:

    • Impedance
    • Frequency bandwidth
    • Current handling

    Typical Applications include:

    Common mode chokes are often used in electrical, industrial and telecommunication applications to help reduce or remove noise and electromagnetic interference. They can be found in:

    • Data storage systems
    • Digital video camera
    • Industrial systems
    • Professional audio
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