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    A clock is a device which measures and displays the time of day, using hours, minutes and sometimes seconds. From wall hanging clocks to functional digital alarm clocks we have both in our range.

    Analogue clocks traditionally feature numbers 1 to 12 on a face. The clock face is traditionally round with the letters around the edge. Two or three hands display the time and rotate around the face as the time changes. Analogue clocks are usually battery powered.

    Digital clocks are battery or electricity powered. They display the time in numbers via a screen. Digital clocks sometimes offer other information such as day, date and temperature.

    FAQ's****What is a Radio Controlled Clock?

    A radio controlled clock receives a time signal from a radio transmitter that is tuned to an 'Atomic Clock'. Radio controlled clocks have a margin of error of just one second in 100,000 years. The transmitter signal is picked up by the watch or clock and sets the time and date automatically.

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