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    Staple Removers

    Office staple removers are a manual device designed to quickly and easily remove staples from paper, without causing damage. They typically have two opposing jaws with slightly curved prongs, and plastic or rubber hand grips. You simply slide one side under the staple, close the jaws and gently tug at the staple to remove it. To make sure the staple lifts out cleanly, the device can be used to first open up the back of the staple before pulling it out from the front.

    Types of office staple remover

    Those with opposing jaws are the most common type of staple remover for removing office staplesfrom various thicknesses of paper. A spring returns the jaws to the open position after use. The more heavy-duty, lever-style staple remover for carpentry or upholstery is not suitable for use in office settings, as it will damage the paper.

    What are office staple removers used for?

    You may discover your stapled pages are in the wrong order and, rather than reprinting, you may simply want to reorder and re-staple them. Staple removers are also useful for separating pages to place into individual plastic document pockets.

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