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    Nut Splitters

    Nut splitters are used to break free seized or rusty nuts from vehicles or machinery. Nut splitters are manual hand tools for use with a ratchet wrench, socket or spanner. During application attach your choice of tool to the hexagon stud at the base of the device and then place over the nut. In a clockwise direction turn the stud until it meets the nut. As pressure is applied the stud winds forward and squeezes the nut between the shaft and the cutting blade cracking the nut on one side, you can now remove the nut without damage to bolt threads.

    Features & Benefits

    Cutting nuts without damage to bolt threadsUse in difficult to reach locationsCompatible with a range of nut sizes


    Nut Splitters are used in mechanical servicing, maintenance, renovations and DIY applications.

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