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    Connector Tool Kits

    Connector tool kits contain a variety of different tools that help to configure different types of electrical connectors. Including all the parts and professional tools needed to carry out your job. An electrical connector joins circuits together (sometimes known as ports, plugs, or interfaces such an AC power plug or socket).

    Types of Connector Tool Kits available

    • Ferrule kits - A ferrule (an object used for fastening, joining or sealing) kit is a crimp kit for cutting, stripping and crimping (a method of joining two pieces of metal by deforming one or both of them in a way that causes them to hold each other) ferrules up to 6mm².
    • Coaxial connector kits - A coaxial connector kit is made up of variety of professional tools for cutting, stripping, crimping and testing coaxial cable connections for HDTV, video and radio frequency communications.
    • Repair kits - Repair kits contain hand tools that may include precision terminal locators, which hold devices in the correct crimping position for both right and left-handed use.

    Tool kits, in addition to connector tool, may also contain a number of accessories e.g.:

    • Wire Strippers specifically designed to use with ethernet cables or coax cables
    • Cable Cutters for easy cutting off of exccess wire.
    • Dust caps - used for protection against dust, these caps are available in different designs to cover an extensive range of connectors, such as circular, RF and RJ connectors, as well as USB and D-sub.
    • Retainers and latches - these tools are useful to enhance the mechanical strength of a connection and prevent the connector from becoming loose on the socket, by applying a mechanical force between the two parties of a connection.
    • Connector spacers - these are ring-shaped structures used in PCBs to separate the board from the components, ensuring that there is no risk of overheating from the components.
    • Colour coding rings - are handy when many connectors are used in the same space to identify them easily, reducing the chance of errors when precise operations have to be executed on them.
    • Wrenches - also known as torque wrenches, these tools tighten or loosen a different kind of connectors and adjusting the contacts.
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