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    Pressure Sprayers

    Pressure sprayers have been specially designed for use with aggressive chemicals and are resistant to acids. They are also often used in cleaning applications with disinfectants.

    Chemical pressure sprayers are heavy-duty and offer a safe and resistant solution to spraying chemicals in many sectors including, construction, disinfection, maintenance, automotive, pest control and the food industry.

    Pressure sprayers are multi-purpose and are often used in agriculture and gardening as they are ideal for spraying most liquids such as water, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers.

    Most handheld sprayers consist of:

    A large opening for easy filling

    A translucent tank with capacity level indication

    A sturdy base for greater stability when the spray is placed on the floor

    The sprayers also feature a safety valve which allows for safe depressurisation of the sprayer

    Adjustable nozzles for wider spray coverage

    Manual safety locks so that the chemicals cannot be sprayed by accident

    Colour coding for easy identification

    All pressure sprayers can be easily transported using the handle and strap that sits on your shoulder. There are also sprayers available with comfortable knapsack straps which allows the sprayer to be carried on a persons back. The applicator is a telescopic lance that is attached to the sprayer and used to get into hard to reach areas. The adjustable nozzles act as a sprinkler and enable the chemical sprayer to cover large areas.

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