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    Breadboard Jumper Wires

    Breadboard jumper wires are insulated electrical wires with bare ends, stripped of insulation. They are used to connect the components of a breadboard or circuit, either internally or together as a cable with other components. When you use jumper wires you don't need to use solder.


    Breadboard jumper wires are used in electronics and in computing. They're typically cables that are used to set up or configure printed circuit boards (PCBs), such as the motherboards of computers. Individual wires or cables are fitted by inserting their end connectors into the relevant slots.

    Types of Jumper Wires

    There are six different types of wires. Two of the most commonly used types are:

    • Solid tip jumper wires – used to connect with a breadboard or connector. The arrangement of the wires makes them easy to insert into your breadboard, and without the risk of short-circuits.
    • Jumper wires with crocodile clips – commonly used to temporarily join sensors, buttons and other components that have connectors, wires or screw terminals.

    Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit Types:

    There are several types of jumper wire kits to suit a range of applications. These kits have an assortment of wires, in different mm lengths and pre-sorted colours making them easy to find dependent on the needs of your project. Most of these kits are used for testing and prototyping electrical circuits.

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