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    A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touchscreen interface. They are larger than a smartphone, but smaller than a laptop. They combine both aspects of these devices into a hybrid device. Tablets vary by operating system and processors, with Apple and Intel are the widely used processors. However some tablets use Android and Windows operating systems.

    Tablets are lightweight, durable and portable way to make use of a computer when you're in the field or on the go. It's designed to be held in one or two hands, usually with a 7 inch or 10 inch screen.

    Types of handheld tablet computers

    There's a wide range of handheld tablet computers suitable for industrial, commercial or home use. All tablets or toughpads have outdoor display technology for easy viewing of the screen in bright light. Multi-touch screens allow easy and fast working, while extended 14-hour battery life makes handheld tablet computers a convenient and practical solution for professional and personal applications.

    What are handheld tablet computers used for?

    Handheld tablet computers are ideal for mobile use or in environments that demand flexibility and portability. Where a robust, hardwearing tablet is required then toughpads are ideal for situations where shock, vibration, altitude, humidity and extreme temperatures might occur. They're fully mobile and are used in a wide variety of industries, including construction, defence, public safety and by the emergency services.

    Wi-Fi Only vs. Cellular Models

    Some tablets come can have Wi-Fi only or have the option of always being connected through a cellular service. With the cellular version you're able to use your tablet online anywhere, this does add to the tablets price as well as the price of the cellular plan. This will provide speeds similar of that of Wi-Fi with 3G and 4G capability.

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