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    Cable Markers

    Cable makers are used for the identification and labelling of wires and cables. Properly labelled cables are essential in any structured cabling system or fibre network. Classifying cables prevents people from tampering with or unplugging cables they shouldn’t which reduces the risk of downtime. An efficient marking and labelling system is crucial as it saves time when troubleshooting and money when moving, adding or changing your plan.RS offers a comprehensive selection of cable labels, cable markers, cable tags and cable marker kits. All are supplied to you by well-known brands including Hellermann Tyton, Brady, Legrand, 3M and of course RS PRO.

    What are the different types of cable markers?

    Cable markers are typically categorised by their fixing method. There are four main types which areSelf Adhesive and self-laminatingThis type of labelling is perfect for cables and wires that have already been terminated. They wrap around the wire and cover the marker with a clear protective layer. This type of marker can be written by hand using a special marker pen or with a label printer.Clip-on and slide-on markersThese markers are usually colour coded and pre-printed with letters, numbers, or symbols. Typically supplied in single characters they can be used individually or combined to create a specific legend. Clip-on and slid-on markers are cut into different shapes such as straight or chevron that fit neatly together.Slide-on markers must be applied pre-termination whereas clip-on markers can be applied before or after termination. They can be applied by hand or installation tools can assist with mounting.Heat ShrinkHeat shrink cable markers manufactured from polyolefin are flexible, durable and will not fall off once installed. They're applied pre-termination and are available pre-printed with standard letters, numbers, and symbols. Or blank to be used with compatible laser printer systems.Tie on Cable tagsTie-on tags and markers are used with larger bundles and cables. They are commonly blank plates/tags that can be used with slide-on markers, printers or handwritten, then mounted using cable ties. Their design allows them to be manufactured from robust materials including metal that are highly resistant and suited for use in harsh environments.+

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