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    Button Rechargeable Batteries

    Coin button rechargeable batteries are small, round single-cell batteries. They come in a wide range of voltages and sizes.

    What are coin button rechargeable batteries used for?

    Coin button rechargeable batteries are typically used to power small portable electronic devices like wristwatches (both analogue and digital), pocket calculators, LED torches, remote controls and toys. Their small size and longevity means they are also particularly suited for use in medical devices. Like other forms of rechargeable batteries, they are a good choice for backing up equipment that is normally mains-powered in case there is a power failure.

    Advantages of coin button rechargeable batteries

    Coin button rechargeable batteries has a long service life, which means they are ideal for applications where regularly replacing a battery is difficult or expensive (or both), such as in pacemakers. The fact that they can also be recharged makes them all the more versatile, allowing for prolonged use even in high-powered devices like hearing aids.

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