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    Magnetic Tapes

    Magnetic tape is designed to mount materials and items to steel surfaces or other ferrous surfaces and can be used to stick materials together by using magnetic tape on steel tape. Flexible magnetic tape is used where something needs to be easily removed and replaced and is ideal for magnetic seals, removable access panels and removable signs.

    Adhesive Types

    Magnetic tape is supplied in flexible rolls or strips and is either self-adhesive backed or plain magnetic backed. Self-adhesive magnetic tapes and strips can make any surface magnetically receptive, various adhesive types are used for different applications: standard adhesive is used for paper and cardboard, premium adhesive for plastics and metal and foam adhesive for application to uneven surfaces.

    Features and Benefits

    Flexible magnetic backed tapes also known as magnetic racking strips are a perfect solution for warehouse identification systems as they will stick to all-steel racking. With dry wipe surfaces in various colours for easy customisation, they provide a fast and cost-effective updating system for identifying production codes and stock level information.Our range of magnetic strips and tapes are supplied in various mm widths and thicknesses and lengths ranging from mm to metres to suit a variety of applications and industries.


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