Machine safety & warning

Machinery and process equipment can create significant hazards to personnel when in operation. Physical guarding should always be the primary approach to mitigating these hazards. However, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC also covers the use of electronic sensing and intelligent safety systems. These systems can ensure machines are safe to operate, compliant with health and safety law and deliver optimum productivity. Our range of machine safety and warning components can help you maintain or upgrade your machinery safety, keeping personnel protected at all times.

Range highlights from Machine Safety & Warning

Pilz PNOZSigma Safety Relays

PNOZSigma is the market leading safety relay protecting machinery across the globe, find your ideal option within our stocked range.

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XPS Universal Safety Modules

Part of the Schneider Electric Preventa series, these modules combine the simplicity of hardwired safety with single wire communications.

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Guardmaster® Guardlink System

Smart safety devices with GuardLink technology deliver more information, advanced functionality, and flexibility, increasing machine uptime.

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Phoenix Contact PSRmini Relays

Discover the world's narrowest safety relays at only 6mm wide - save space, but don't compromise on safety or performance.

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Safety Interlock Switches

Interlocks are used on guards, covers & gates to ensure guarding is in position before machines can operate. Choose from nearly 300 options.

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Emergency Stop Buttons

The most common and often vital safety feature to protect machine operators. If you need a replacement we've got you covered.

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Light Curtains & Beams

Light curtains are an effective way to safeguard machinery while maximising productivity, they can also add protection to existing machines.

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Safety Fencing & Doors

Physical protection is the primary defence against operator injury, and adding fencing or guards to increase safety helps avoid downtime.

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ABB Compact Emergency Stops

Compact (65x65mm), high visible, robust polycarbonate bodied e-stops with 2NC contacts - perfect for almost any industrial application.

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Allen-Bradley LifeLine Series

Robust metal bodied rope pull / grab wire switches with tension adjustment and integral e-stop button. Avoid downtime and fit today.

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Schmersal Solenoid Interlocks

The AZM series of powered interlocks ensure maximum safety by preventing guards or gates being accidently opened when machinery is active.

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Laser Safety Scanners

The SICK S3xx safety scanners offer uniquely customisable protection for entry/exit points and hazardous areas with low productivity impact.

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Safety Limit Switches

Find over 300 safety rated limited switches which can help keep your machines or plant running safely every day.

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Warning Beacons & Sounders

Making people aware that a process is operating, a hazard exists or an alarm has been triggered is an important way to keep colleagues safe.

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Grab Wire Switches

Grab wire or rope pull switches are commonly used with conveyor systems. We have a complete range of switches and cable kits in stock.

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Safety Relays

The heart of a safety system, safety relays ensure the control system will only run the machine when all safety features are in place.

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