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    RS Calibration

    RS Calibration

    Leave no margin for error with RS Calibration. Contact us on 011 691 9300.

    Faulty equipment and inaccurate measurements can impact on quality, safety, and cost.

    With decades of experience in calibrating new and existing equipment, our UKAS-accredited laboratory fine-tunes your instruments to minimise the risk of inaccurate measurements.

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    64% of companies don’t have a strategy in place for the calibration of test & measurement equipment*

    *Source: 2021 Indirect Procurement Report: RS & the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

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    Our Laboratory

    As a UKAS accredited lab, we are regularly audited to ensure end-to-end compliance. We offer two levels of certification:

    1. RS Standard – traceable to national standards
    2. UKAS accredited – recognised as the industry mark of quality internationally

    New Product Purchasing

    Our range of Test & Measurement instruments encompasses more than 75 brands, all stocked and ready for delivery. Select from over 6,000 instruments that we can calibrate for despatch within 2-3 working days.

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    Calibration is the measure of success

    Accurate devices are essential for the safe production of products and the provision of many services across electrical, mechanical and industrial industries. Our video talks more about the service we offer.

    Count on our calibration service

    Our fast turnaround service can be tailored to suit your calibration needs. Call us on 01536 405545 for a quote to re-calibrate existing equipment or view our price list for calibrating new equipment purchased from RS.

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    Delivering peace of mind