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    SIRIUS Industrial Controls

    from Siemens

    SIRIUS - the complete program from one source

    With SIRIUS, Siemens simplifies the work of the control panel builder, as SIRIUS represents a complete industrial controls program which fulfils all requirements of state-of-the-art control panel engineering. All SIRIUS products are harmonized with one another and can be easily combined to produce a clearly arranged and structured control panel every time, with all products in a uniform design

    SIRIUS Control provides everything you need for switching, protecting, starting and monitoring, including motor starter protectors, contactors and overload relays.

    SIRIUS Hybrid offers numerous possibilities to start up a motor with state-of-the-art hybrid switching technology.

    SIRIUS Monitor offers comprehensive protection, monitoring and control functions for the motor.

    SIRIUS Command offers everything you need for commanding and signalling: position switches, signalling columns and, as highlight, the ground-breaking complete program of SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights.

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    Complete control at all times with SIRIUS from Siemens

    The control panel, as the centrepiece of any machinery, combines a number of functions in restricted spatial conditions and must function reliably. SIRIUS industrial controls provide all products essential for an ideal control panel in a standardized and harmonized design.

    SIRIUS Control – Controlling and protecting

    SIRIUS Control – Controlling and protecting

    • Time-and cost-efficient planning and handling
    • SIRIUS products are harmonized and comply with worldwide standards, enabling them to be exported to any country
    • Covering the widest range of applications such as pumping, ventilating, compressing, conveying, processing
    • Maximum performance with the smallest space requirement

    SIRIUS Hybrid – starting motors

    • Efficient and energy-saving in use
    • Reduced procurement/maintenance costs thanks to long device service life
    • Compact design enables up to75% space saving on previous series
    • Trouble-free overall operation with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Highest plant reliability and availability
    SIRIUS Command  - commanding and signalling

    SIRIUS Command - commanding and signalling

    • Modern design lines to differentiate an individual system design
    • Easy handling, fast installation and intuitive online configuration
    • High robustness, supports special requirements of many industries
    • Flexible communication for reduced wiring: standard or direct connection to the controller via ASi, IO-Link or PROFINET

    SIRIUS Monitor – monitoring and responding

    • SIRIUS Monitor solutions comply with international standards and ensures machine safety
    • Analysis of the data that’s recorded and transmitted supports optimized service intervals and availability
    • Thanks to their modular design and consistent functionality, SIRIUS Monitor solutions are easily scalable

    SIRIUS Product range available from RS Components

    Siemens Sirius protection circuit breaker

    Circuit breakers

    • All relevant sizes
    • Locking device protects from unauthorised access
    • Time-saving of 80% by using CAx data

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    Siemens Sirius Soft starter

    Soft starter

    • Engineering in the TIA Portal
    • Certified for use in hazardous areas
    • Versatile / Optional communication connection

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    Siemens Sirius Safety relays

    Safety relays

    • Maximum functionality with the smallest footprint
    • High degree of flexibility, assigned with software

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    Timing relays

    • Multi-functional timing relays
    • Top hat rail mounting can be used worldwide
    • Up to 27 functions in multi-function time relay

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    Siemens selection guide for SIRIUS modular system