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    Multiplexer Switch ICs

    Multiplexer Switch ICs (MUX or MPX) is a device designed to control a signal movement within the circuit. The multiplexer selects one signal input from a several digital or analogue channels and forwards it further to the circuit. Switch ICs also increases the amount of information that can be transferred within the network.

    Multiplexers Switch ICs are also known as Data Selectors and can be used to control and implement true/false Boolean functions.

    Multiplexers are classified into four types:

    • 2 - 1 multiplexer ( 1selection line)
    • 4 - 1 multiplexer (2 selection lines)
    • 8 - 1 multiplexer(3 selection lines)
    • 16 - 1 multiplexer (4 selection lines)

    What's a difference between digital and analog multiplexers?

    Digital Multiplexers are digital circuits made from logic gates that control digital or binary data. An analogue switch uses transistors, relays or MOSFET's to switch one of the voltage/current inputs to a single output.

    What is a typical application of multiplexers switch ICs?

    • Communication Systems - transmission and control of data e.g. video or audio signals from different channels.
    • Telephone Network - multiple network signal control and integration into a single line.
    • Computer memory systems - control and maintenance a big amount of data by connecting memory to integrated parts of the computer.
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