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    Disposable Gloves

    A pair of disposable gloves are designed to offer protection for your hands from an external environment, visa-versa. Gloves are also a preventative of contamination from either side of the material. Through the use of a pair of disposable gloves, a user can have the confidence that they are protected, being protective and maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene in a personal, commercial or industrial environment. You can find out more in our disposable gloves guide.

    What are Disposable Protective Gloves made of?

    We have a variety of materials to choose from, all appropriate for different applications:

    • Latex - A soft, pliable and strong material. Latex gloves have exceptional elasticity which accommodates a comfortable fit, even when worn for a long period of time. They are considered a multi-purpose and suitable for a variety of applications including D.I.Y, Automotive Repair, Electronics and Clinical environments.
    • Neoprene - An excellent resistance to acids, alcohols and bases alongside reducing the risk of dermatitis for the user. These gloves are usually green in colour and offer a comfortable fit for a user’s hands. They are a great choice for working in scientific, medical and industrial environments.
    • Nitrile - Nitrile gloves have a fantastic resistance to a wide selection of hazardous chemicals. They are 4 times stronger than natural latex gloves and are great for nearly all applications.
    • Polyethylene - A low cost glove, with a low strength. They are suitable for use with all food categories, within the temperature range 5oC to 40oC.
    • Polymer - Provide comfort and moderate strength, fits as a second skin giving extraordinary touch sensitivity. Most polymer gloves are made of hypoallergenic material are suitable for the industrial, commercial and person use.
    • Vinyl - Vinyl gloves are a softer option, although this does not compromise the strength. They are suitable for food, electronics, laboratory, pharmaceutical, clinics and clean rooms.

    Types of Disposable Gloves

    • Powder free disposable gloves
    • Pre-powdered disposable gloves
    • Chemical resistant disposable gloves
    • Grease resistant disposable gloves
    • Medical disposable gloves
    • Minimal risk disposable gloves
    • Oil resistant disposable gloves

    Where to buy Disposable Gloves?

    RS stock a variety of disposable gloves, covering a variety of applications. Our generous range features packs from 12-1000+, brought to you from leading brands such as Ansell, BM Polyco and our trusted own brand RS Pro.

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