Breaker Bars

Use breaker bars to deliver more torque which aids the removal of seized fasteners such as nuts & bolts. RS components stock leading brands like Bahco and RS PRO. Breaker bars will generate more force and torque when used with a socket set. They improve the leverage drive and torque delivery to loosen and tighten fasteners.

Breaker bar types

  • T-Bar

  • Extending

  • Spinner handle

What are the benefits?

  • Square drive

  • Exceptional strength

  • Holds socket securely

  • Great for wheels

  • Durability offers long life usage

When would do you need one?

Breaker bars are most commonly used when removing wheel nuts from vehicles. Wheels are exposed to seasonal conditions that cause wheel nuts to seize. A breaker bar is an ideal tool to aid the removal.

What are they also known as?

Cheater bar

Application Information

Breaker bars are used by mechanics, maintenance engineers, and DIY enthusiasts. The perfect accessories for removing tight fasteners.

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Description Price Drive Size Overall Length Finish Material Drive Type
RS stock no. 511-3612
Mfr. Part No.7758
R 762.90
3/8 in 250 mm Polished Alloy Steel Square
RS stock no. 509-4965
Mfr. Part No.8158-1/2
R 1,233.40
1/2 in 390 mm Polished Alloy Steel Square
RS stock no. 124-9738
Mfr. Part No.TAH8158B-1
R 765.20
1/2 in 256 mm Polished Alloy Steel Square