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    Multi-purpose Cleaners

    Multi-purpose cleaners, also known as all-purpose cleaners, are a chemical cleaning product designed for use on multiple surfaces. By using a combination of chemicals that are commonly used for different appliances, these products are compatible for use on multiple surfaces and devices, reducing the need for multiple sprays, wipes or other products.

    Some multipurpose cleaners will be ready-to-use, either in spray, aerosol or wipe form, whereas others may need diluting before use. Some may be used to remove dirt or grime, whereas others may have antibacterial properties to further protect users of the applied environment.Always read the manual or instructions to see if your device or surface is compatible.

    What are the benefits of multi-purpose cleaners?

    As they can be applied to multiple surfaces, multi-purpose cleaners remove the need for multiple products that take up valuable cupboard space and additionally increase the efficiency of cleaning. Depending on the product, they may also feature anti-static properties, which can aid in the reduction of dust and other settling particles being attracted to the surface. Types of Multi-surface Cleaners Alcohol-BasedDetergentAnti StaticWater-BasedCleanerFast DryingSolventAs a lot of these cleaners are water-based, they are less toxic than stronger, more concentrated products, while still removing tough stains like dirt, food and grease. This also makes them safer than stronger chemicals, especially in environments used by children, the elderly, and otherwise vulnerable persons.

    Where might I use Multi-surface Cleaners?

    Multipurpose cleaners are versatile and can therefore be used in a wide variety of environments and on objects such as Doors, furniture, glass, keyboards, LCD screens, telephones and much more.KitchensBathroomsOfficesWarehousesHospitality

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