Blank CDs

CDs, or compact discs, are a versatile data storage medium, and a staple in music entertainment even in the digital age. Though not as cheap or convenient as digitally downloading music, artists will still release CDs as the optimum way to provide a physical copy of their work, with guaranteed quality.

Blank CDs are designed to be used with CD burners to copy information from a computer device onto a physical medium. CD burners are often available to buy as separate hardware units, but can be found integrated into older desktop and laptop computers. Blank CDs are also used in mass production with commercial burners, to release identical products for the consumer market.

Unlike DVD-R discs, CDs are not an optical medium and have a comparatively limited data capacity. As such they are usually only used for audio and file data. Most DVD players are optimized for DVD discs, and so won't read CD formats.

Types of Blank CD

Blank CDs are available in two specific types, which are CD-R and CD-RW. The principle difference is that CD-RW are re-writable, and so can be used time and time again. This was very useful when blank CDs were the most convenient way of transferring large amounts of data, as information could be burned onto a disc, and then re-burned as necessary. Depending on the quality of the blank disc, CD-RWs can be written, erased and re-written up to 100,000 times.

CD-R discs are non-re-writable, but they have the advantage of being slightly more dependable than their re-writable counterparts, due to differences in the reflective coating. Though they can't be erased and re-written, these blank discs are usually cost-effective enough that using multiple CD-R discs in place of one CD-RW is rarely an issue.

Why Use CDs In the Digital Age?

Obviously cloud storage is very much the future of data preservation, but even secure online accounts can be compromised. Though they may be scratched if not properly cared for, compact discs still present an excellent way to store data offline, protecting it from online theft and viruses. Physical backups of your media, photos or personal files present an extra security option that is inexpensive and durable. Unlike hard drives, CDs have no mechanical attributes or components that can fail over time, and if properly cared for the disc can theoretically last a lifetime.

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RS stock no. 750-4809
Mfr. Part No.43351
R 419.13
CD-R 50 52X 700 MB Spindle
RS stock no. 750-4818
Mfr. Part No.43480
R 216.62
CD-RW 10 12X 700 MB Spindle
RS stock no. 123-9712
Mfr. Part No.43411
R 786.99
- 100 52X 700 MB Spindle