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    Chemical Tank Accessories

    Chemical tank accessories facilitate and enhance the functioning of chemical tanks, which are storage containers for chemicals. These tanks are used for the static storage, processing, mixing and transport of raw materials as well as finished chemical products.

    Since all chemicals have variable corrosion potentials, chemical tanks are designed to store specific chemicals. Chemical tank accessories are therefore compatible with specific types of tanks.

    How chemical tank accessories work

    Chemical tanks are the first line of control for aggressive chemicals. The materials of the tank and its accessories are carefully selected to ensure that the chemical in question will not escape the tank and find its way into the environment, causing loss of chemical value. Chemical tanks are, of necessity, made of materials as resistant to the chemical stored as design and economics allow, and these accessories are equally resilient.

    Types of chemical tank accessories

    Different types of chemical tank accessories include chemical safety bunds, which are essentially trays that capture and retain spilled chemicals, as well as metering and dosing pumps, which are used to inject chemicals. These products can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

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