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      Raspberry Pi

      A small, powerful and lightweight ARM based computer.

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      About Raspberry Pi

      Based in the UK, the Raspberry Pi Foundation (registered educational charity number 1129409) aims to accelerate the education market and improve the skills of children and adults in computer science, programming and related subjects. By introducing the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi, a low cost, powerful and easily accessible computer capable of running many programing languages including Scratch and Python, the Foundation has brought coding to a whole new generation of hackers, makers and electronics engineers.

      The range now includes second generation Raspberry Pi 2 products; low power & low cost Raspberry Pi Model A+, and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module for embedded applications to support our customer's choice of applications. So whether you want to learn to programme, hack around with some hardware, or incorporate it at the core of your innovative new device, this is the ideal tool to have.

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