4½-digit; 150rdgs / s measurement speed;

  • RS stock no. 188-2476
  • Manufacturer RS PRO
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RS PRO RSDM3045X Digital Multimeter with 4 digits readings resolution (RSCAL)

Introducing the RSDM3045X digital multimeter from RS PRO, a highly reliable digital multimeter designed with 4 (66000 count) digits readings resolution and dual-display, ideal for high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement. This multimeter features a clear and precise 4.3" TFT-LCD display and user-friendly interface, providing an excellent user experience. The interface includes as standard: USB device, USB host, LAN. This durable electrical tester includes true-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measurement features, with a 1GB Nand flash size for mass storage configuration files and data files. Also included is a built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple, offering a versatile meter for use in a wide range of applications.

Features and benefits

• Real 4 digits readings resolution (66000 count)
• Up to 150 rdgs/s measurement speed
• True-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measuring
• 1Gb Nand flash size, Mass storage configuration files and data files
• Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple
• Easy, convenient and flexible any sensor measurement control software: Ultra Sensor
• Standard interface: USB Device, USB Host, LAN
• Support remote control via commands and compatible with commands of main stream multimeters
• Built-in help system for enhanced user experience and troubleshooting
• File management (support for U-disc and local storage)


Digital Multimeters are a type of measurement device used to test and measure a range of electrical properties such as voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). Using a digital output readout, the digital multimeter is connected to a device and measures typically the voltage and any resistances, giving you an output you can measure. Digital multimeters offer a wide range of AC and DC measurement capabilities to suit a variety of applications. Multimeters are essential tester tools for carrying out electrical work from home renovations to large scale installations.
They are commonly used in applications such as:

• Research Laboratory
• Development Laboratory
• Detection and Maintenance
• Calibration Laboratory
• Automatic Production Test

Basic measurement functions

• DC Voltage: 600 mV - 1000 V
• DC Current: 600 μA - 10 A
• AC Voltage: True-RMS, 600 mV - 750 V
• AC Current: True-RMS,60 mA - 10 A
• 2/4-Wire Resistance: 600 Ω - 100 MΩ
• Capacitance: 2 nF - 10000 μF
• Continuity Test: Rang e is fixed at 2 kΩ
• Diode Test: Adjustable range is 0-4 V
• Frequency Measurement: 20 Hz - 500 KHz
• Period Measurement: 2 μs - 0.05 s
• Temperature: Support for TC and RTD sensor
• Max, Min, Average, Standard Deviation, dBm/dB, Relative Measurement, Pass/Fail Histogram, Trend Chart

Does this include a continuity feature?

This digital multimeter features a continuity and diode test feature with an audible beeper.

Attribute Value
Multimeter Type Bench
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement 10A dc
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 100MΩ
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 750V ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1000V dc
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement 10000µF
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +400 (Type T) °C, +660 (RTD) °C, +1000 (Type E) °C, +1200 (Type J) °C, +1300 (Type N) °C, +1370 (Type K) °C, +1760 (Type R & S) °C, +1820 (Type B) °C
Functions Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Current, DC Voltage, Diode, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature
True RMS Yes
Maximum Frequency 500kHz
Display Type TFT LCD
Model Number p RSDM3045X
DC Current Measurement Resolution 0.01µA
AC Current Measurement Resolution 0.001mA
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.01mV
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.01mV
Resistance Measurement Resolution 10mΩ
Capacitance Measurement Resolution 0.001nF
Best DC Voltage Accuracy ±0.02% + 6 Digits
Dimensions 282 <font face="symbol">´</font> 260 <font face="symbol">´</font> 105mm
Length 282mm
Width 260mm
Best AC Current Accuracy ±2.5% + 25 Digits
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy ±1.75% + 3 Digits
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy ±2% + 50 Digits
Best AC Voltage Accuracy ±3% + 40 Digits
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.16 (RTD) %, ±0.5 (Type E) %, ±0.5 (Type J) %, ±0.5 (Type K) %, ±0.5 (Type N) %, ±0.5 (Type R) %, ±0.5 (Type T) %, ±0.6 (Type S) %, ±0.76 (Type B) %
Safety Category Level CAT I, CAT II
Weight 3.8kg
Height 105mm
Best DC Current Accuracy ±0.25% + 4 Digits
Safety Category Voltage CAT I 1000V CAT II 600V
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