Schneider Electric Inverter Drive, 3-Phase In, 0.1 → 599Hz Out 2.2 kW, 400 V with EMC Filter, 5.8 A ALTIVAR 71

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Altivar ATV71 Variable Frequency Drive Series

The ATV71 VFD (Variable frequency Drive) Series will give you the benefit of a simple, yet high performance technology. The drive systems offer you a wide range of fully tested and recommended, ready to connect drive solution. The ATV71 Series has been created and developed to the highest quality and manufactured according to your needs. This is a series of frequency inverters for three phase synchronous and asynchronous motors with a range of power ratings from 0.37 to 630 kW. The Altivar ATV71 VFD drives are the perfect solution for all of your needs and requirements.

Features and Benefits

• This series has been evolutionary, offering users a unique power rating range of up to 630 kW with exceptional performance and intelligent, advanced functions.
• Designed for easy use and convenience, these variable speed drives are open to all communication networks and applications.
• Has an IP 21 rating, which means that you have protection from “touch by fingers” and “objects” that are greater than 12 millimetres as well as water dripping vertically.
• Features sixteen pre-selected speeds with more than 150 functions and has an integral class - A filters.
• Has speed regulation by flux vector controls with or without a sensor.
• The graphic terminal provides plain text, navigation buttons and configurable function keys. The graphic terminal also includes a “simply start” menu.
• Output control frequency: 0.5 to 1600Hz.

Where can I use my Altivar ATV71?

The Altivar ATV71 is commonly used in high performance applications that have a constant torque, machinery such as:
• Hoisting
• Wood machines
• Process machines
• Textile machines
• Packaging

What does the “Z” indicate on the end of the ATV71 Series MPN? (Manufacturer part number)

The “Z” at the end of the part number indicates that the drive does not come with a graphic display terminal.

Schneider ATV71HU22N4Z VFD Drive

The ATV71HU22N4Z VFD by Schneider Electrics a three phase variable speed asynchronous motor drive. It has a power rating of 2.2 kW and a supply voltage of 400 V. This variable frequency inverter dimensions are - length 230mm, 130mm width and an overall depth of 149mm.

Attribute Value
Power Rating 2.2 kW
Phase 3
Supply Voltage 400 V
Current Rating 5.8 A
Output Frequency 0.1 → 599Hz
Ambient Temperature -10 → +50°C
Overall Width 130mm
Overall Length 230mm
Overall Depth 149mm
Field Bus Communication Type ModBus
Filter Included Yes
IP Rating IP20, IP21, IP41, IP54
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Series ALTIVAR 71
Discontinued product