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Industrial Processes & Machinery

The ongoing maintenance of production lines and machinery will never disappear, however there are approaches and technologies which can help you maintain smarter.
Driving efficiency from your maintenance activities and maximising uptime is crucial. Within this page we provide insight on products and technologies which can help you work smarter, avoid unforeseen downtime and work more effectively.

This is one example of a smart product technology which is enabling previously 'dumb' sensors to share more information about their status, providing insight into potential failures or performance issues before they occur. And better still, IO-Link sensors can be easily retro-fitted to existing processes, so the benefits can be gained today.

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Key Industrial Maintenance Product Technologies

Product highlights

Predict the future

Thermal imaging allows maintenance engineers to see smart and work smart. Viewing the heat profile of a machine or process can indicate where problems are going to develop. This allows engineers to intervene and fix the issue, before it causes an unplanned shut-down and all the costs involved. As costs reduce, and specifications improve, there is a thermal imaging solution for virtually any budget. These are even getting embedded in other common pieces of test and measurement equipment.

Buildings & Sites

Commercial buildings and industrial sites require continual maintenance. With many operations running practically 24/7 the heating, lighting, plumbing and the general infrastructure needs attention and breakdowns can impact productivity.

Here we help you with ideas on how to work smarter, avoiding unforeseen failures. Choosing products which are designed to be ‘smarter’ and have additional intelligence built in or embrace new technologies which provide a longer working life in the same application.

We’ve also selected highlights from our product range which are relevant to the building maintenance engineer tasked with keeping sites and buildings operational – day in, day out.

Key Buildings Maintenance Product Technologies

Product highlights

insulation tester

See how well suited a typical RS Pro instrument is to your day-to-day needs, with this review of the IIT1500 insulation tester.

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