Correct fitting and comfort, as well as safety, is a key consideration when protecting hands and feet and ensures that the user will continue wearing the protection. Whatever you need to protect your hands from, we can help with over 1,000 gloves in stock, offering protection from hazards such as cuts, heat or cold, plus the choice of disposable or washable. From trainers, shoes and boots to shoe covers, insoles and ice grips, we can help you select the right product for your feet with the correct protection to suit your environment.

Range highlights from Hand & Foot Protection

Reldeen Work Gloves

New range of general purpose work gloves offering an affordable option without sacrificing on quality.

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Tilsatec® Cut Resistant Gloves

ANSI level A6 cut resistance glove designed to deliver excellent grip, in dry or oily conditions while still allowing the hand to breathe.

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Pro-Fit Cut Resistant Gloves

HPPE steel machine knitted glove with nitrile micro foam coating providing superior grip making it ideal for light assembly work.

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Leather Coated Rigger Gloves

High quality leather and cotton for great protection and comfort, with long lasting durability; ideal for tough and hazardous environments.

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Ultrane 526

Grip assured, skin protected and unbeatable fingertip sensitivity in very oily environments; this glove is washable up to 3 times.

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Matrix Hi-Viz™ Gloves

General purpose glove with high visibility liner and crinkle latex palm coating offering good abrasion and cut resistance; sold as 3 pairs.

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Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Powder and latex free box of disposable gloves ensures gloves are suitable for latex allergy sufferers and the food industry.

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Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Reldeen powdered vinyl gloves are ideal for food handling and have a smooth finish when wet or dry. Available in packs of 100 or 200.

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Bison Safety Boot

Cut away scoop collar for easy foot access and comfort, has lightweight, metal free, non-snagging eyelets and a safety rating S3 HRO SRC.

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CAT Holten Safety Boot

Designed for everyday use, these are both rugged and extremely flexible due to the unique Techni Flex welted outside. Honey also available.

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uvex 1 Safety Trainer

Sporty, multifunctional safety shoe with 100% metal-free toe cap, compact design, good ankle twist stability and excellent slip resistance.

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Womens Lace Up Safety Shoe

Low-cut shoes with full grain black leather upper. Non-slip soles for greasy, wet and slippery floors.

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Hypercharge Safety Boots

Waterproof boot with impact and compression resistant toe cap, puncture resistant plate with anti-fatigue footbed.

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Alfa TPU Plus Safety Boot

High legged safety boot has protective toe cap, anti-slip sole and excellent flexibility and lightness for a comfortable wear.

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Disposable Shoe Covers

Used in various situations to provide a protective layer to footwear or environments to restrict contamination.

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OrthoSole® Insoles

Customise the level of support for each foot and give it shock absorption with these insoles to create a perfect comfort fit.

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