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    What is QuotesPlus?

    QuotesPlus is a free online tool which allows you to manage all your quotes online. You can quickly and easily upload a bill of materials to match against our entire product range, to instantly see our latest pricing and stock availability.

    How do I access QuotesPlus?

    • Already registered with RS Online? Log in and go to 'My Account' and scroll down the page to the ‘My Quotes’ tab. Expand the tab and you will see your most recent quotes. If you have not used our online quotes service before, then click here to start using it today.

    • Registered, but have never placed an order with RS Online before? Placing orders with RS Online is easy. Simply log in and go to 'My Account'. Scroll down to the 'My Quotes' tab. You can upgrade to ‘QuotesPlus’ by clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ banner at the bottom of the page.

    From here you will be asked to fill in a few details in order to upgrade your account. Once you have submitted your details your online profile will be updated and you’ll have access to QuotesPlus the next working day. 

    However, whilst you wait why not submit your first quote. Simply fill in the selected fields with your bill of materials and click ‘send’. Our dedicated team will get back to you with your quote as soon as possible.

    • Not yet registered with RS Online? Register with your RS Account and follow the step above to request an update to your online profile.

    • Need to request an RS Account? Click on 'RS Account' to complete your details or alternatively contact one of our team members on 086 000 7772.

    How do I upload products I’d like to be quoted on?

    To upload products in order to get a quote, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Create a quote request by choosing to either upload an excel or flat file (tab separated) that you’ve already created, or by manually entering the bill of materials required in the mandatory fields. You’ll also need to add a quote number or name for reference. Note: You can upload a bill of materials of up to 500 lines or a file size no larger than 256Kb. 

    Step 2: Next, you need to indicate where you would like us to start matching product data from your uploaded file for example column A, row 2.

    Step 3: Select the relevant headings for the data you have entered to make sure the best matches are found.
    Please Note: The quantity field is mandatory, as well as either the RS stock number, manufacturer part number or description fields. Only columns with headings selected will be taken forward for matching.

    Step 4: Click "Continue" and view your bill of materials/quote in your 'My Quotes' field.

    How do I match my bill of materials?

    It's easy. Once you’ve uploaded your bill of materials for matching, you can get a quote. Simply follow these 3 easy steps:

    Step 1: When matched, your list will be shown as a traffic light system. Green is accepted: Meaning the product you have entered is an exact match. Amber is a potential match: This is an indication of products that we think match, based on your information but might not be completely accurate. Red is for unmatched items: This indicates that we can’t find a match we dont stock that particular product – we can however source other products for you.

    Step 2: If you have lots of products on your matched list, you can select how you would like to view them. Show:

    • All lines

    • "Accepted" matches only

    • Potential matches only

    • Unmatched only

    Step 3: The latest price and stock availability will be shown for the first matched item only. Click on 'View Full Product Details' to see price and stock availability for all lines.

    How do I place an order or request further matching?

    You can place an order or request further matching by following these steps: 

    Step 1: You have three options:

    • Add accepted items to your order pad

    • Fix the price for 30 days*

    • Further matching and price negotiation*
    *Sorry, not available to Purchasing Manager customers.

    Step 2: By adding accepted items to your order pad, you can continue to check out and order online.

    Step 3: If you choose 'Fix Prices for 30 Days', your quote will be listed in 'My Quotes' with a reference number and the date the quote is valid until.
    Please note: Your quote will exclude VAT.

    Step 4: To negotiate further or perform further matching, select 'Further Matching and Price Negotiation'. A pop-up window will ask for the date you require a response by and you can add comments. When your quote has been processed by our Flexible Pricing Team, you’ll receive an email informing you that you can now view your quote in the 'My Quotes' field of your 'My Account'.

    How do I manage my Online Quotes?

    It’s very easy to manage your online quotes. All you have to do is:

    Step 1: Go to your 'My Account' and search for a quote using the quote reference number or search within a date range. Your quotes raised will be visible in 'My Quotes', click here.

    Step 2: From 'My Quotes', click to request your quote by email, which you will receive in a pdf attachment. You can also select to send a copy of your quote to a colleague.

    Step 3: To contact the Flexible Pricing Team to negotiate price, click the icon and a pop-up window will appear. Add any further information.
    Note: Quotes with the status "in progress" means that they are being dealt with in order to get you the best possible price. You can not view your quote whilst this status is shown.

    Step 4: The redeem button will indicate when your quote is ready. Click to redeem.

    Step 5: Click 'Order Accepted Items' and you’ll be taken to the order form, where you’ll check out in the normal way.
    Please Note: When your quote has been allocated a reference number, any of your colleagues registered online against the same company account details can redeem a quote on your behalf.

    If you need to speak to our helpful team about Online Quotes simply call 086 000 7772.