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Browse the broadest range of ATEX-approved products as well as a wide range of PPE, automation and control, test and measurement, and lighting equipment. Plus with support from our industry knowledge and unbeatable service, we can help you take on any extreme environment.

Extreme Temperature

When your processes create or require extreme temperatures, you need products that can withstand the challenges they present to avoid downtime. Sub-zero temperatures or extreme heat will take their toll, which is why we offer an extensive selection of components that can operate at such extremes, giving you one less thing to worry about.



Technology is enabling us to work in some of Earth’s most extreme environments – many of which were atmospheres previously beyond human intervention.

Trends in engineering applications for hermeticity

Check out some of the trends in engineering applications for hermeticity, plus learn how the technology is being used to ensure stable atmospheres for performance and reliability.

ThermoThin High Temperature Hook-Up Wire From Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire's all new ThermoThin 600 V hook-up wire is the latest in wire and cable technology. Featuring an ECA fluoropolymer insulation, ThermoThin is built to handle extreme temperatures while also providing outstanding elemental and chemical resistance.

Featured Products

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Aggressive Environments

Decreasing the risk of failure from aggressive environments will help you to avoid the expensive implications of production downtime. Save yourself time and money with our wide range of corrosion-resistant and ingress protected products– tough enough for any challenge.

Condensation – the creeping danger for corrosion

Condensation is a rarely recognised cause of faults and breakdowns of systems, but in combination with aggressive gases and dust particles, it causes atmospheric corrosion.

Effective protection under extreme conditions

Outdoor applications place high demands on components. Discover the solution HARTING Technology Group created to provide connectors with effective protection under extreme conditions.

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Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX is the name given to the two European Directives controlling explosive atmospheres. The products are guaranteed to meet the minimum requirements for improving health and safety of workers potentially at risk from explosive environments – and the regulations apply throughout Europe. By offering all of the ATEX equipment you need, you can save valuable time by only having to shop in one place.

Why are industrial power connectors critical for hazardous areas?

There are many environments where explosive atmospheres can exist; but ATEX and IECEx-approved products work to remove the ignition source from the air to prevent explosions. Discover how industrial power connectors are another vital product for helping to reduce risk.


Being able to interpret a product’s ATEX classification is vital. It reduces risk to health and safety risk by ensuring the right products are used in each explosive zone. Learn more about the ATEX marking structure with our interactive guide.

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Working at Heights

When you’re working in dangerous environments such as at height, guarantee your safety with our expanding choice of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). Not only do we offer a range that’s constantly growing, but we also stock all of the industry-leading brands you trust to keep you safe.

Your guide to working safely at heights

Guaranteeing safety in high places is critical to both the person working and everyone in the surrounding area. From the correct access and fall arrest equipment, to what tools you should use, this article explains the key considerations before carrying out any work.

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Below are highlighted product areas from our Working at Heights product range – all available and in stock.

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