The Most Desirable Jobs in STEM

The STEM job market is expected to see an increase of 13% by 2027 with new and innovative jobs being advertised on job boards daily.

Globally, since 1990 jobs in STEM have increased by 79% to 17.3 million, showing the rapid growth of the industry and the changing landscape of the workplace and the world that we live in. According to US reports, job growth in the STEM industry is overtaking other industries, leaving 2.4 million jobs in the STEM industry vacant.

With employees in STEM in high demand by employers, those in charge of hiring are increasingly looking to the future of STEM by hiring graduates and placing a focus on educating those at school and colleges of the benefits that a career in STEM can offer.

So, which jobs in STEM are the most desirable? We have analysed STEM roles against job access, desirability and salary to determine the most desirable jobs in STEM. Take a look at the graph below to find out the most and least desirable jobs.

most desirable STEM jobs infographic

From our findings we can see that Software Engineer is one of the most desirable jobs scoring highest overall for the number of available jobs, desirability and salary, followed by Electronics Engineer and Astronaut. Are any of these jobs in STEM of interest to you?

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