From initial design concept to upgrades and retrofits, to maintaining your new and improved systems, we connect you to the right products and industry knowledge so you can get the most from your buildings.

From buying just a single product to completely changing an entire system, we’re here to help you save more time, money or energy.

Whether you’re designing innovative solutions for future buildings or upgrading existing ones, you can maximise efficiency and see significant savings.

KYSTDESIGN’s systems do the hard work

Engineering company KYSTDESIGN, one of our customers, builds pioneering machines for sea exploration. That means it needs to be at the forefront of technology – including inside its buildings. Discover how all the systems at its state-of-the-art headquarters are controlled to create a highly efficient premises.


Take control and enhance your building systems.

Helping to light the way for Husco

Businesses face many challenges when trying to maximise efficiencies in their building systems. Making sure they’re energy is efficient, reliable and creates a productive working environment are all considerations. That’s exactly the challenge that our customer Husco International were faced with recently.
Wanting to focus on upgrading the fluorescent lamps throughout its site, we worked with Husco's team to design a more efficient and cost-effective lighting solution.


Below are selected products to help you manage your building systems effectively.

Shine a light on your building

Would you benefit from a more energy efficient lighting setup you can manage with your phone?

SylSmart Standalone Room is an easy-to-install lighting control system, which allows you to manage your lighting the way you want.

See it in action and discover how it could work for you.

Free professional CAD software

Are you looking to design a new building? To help you get the best out of the new systems you’re installing, DesignSpark offers free, easy-to-learn professional CAD software.

This award-winning software and app helps you save time and money when designing and costing your project. Take a look and see what you can do to get the best from your buildings.

DesignSpark Mechanical is the first free and fullyfunctional 3D design package to feature intuitive Direct Modelling techniques and give you access to 100 million existing 3D models. Easy-to-use and easy-tolearn, our unique 3D modelling software shortens the time between having an amazing idea and creating prototype designs.

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Take electronics design to a whole new level and join over 250,000 registered DesignSpark PCB users benefitting from powerful features for schematic capture and PCB layout. Professional, accessible and fully-featured, our free and unrestricted PCB design software helps you rapidly prototype so you can make your world-changing ideas a reality.

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DesignSpark Electrical provides a powerful and comprehensive range of professional CAD capabilities, allowing you to complete designs in a fraction of the time and building accuracy and precision into your end-to-end design process.

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There’s a great set of useful ’tools’ in the Toolbox App. Including the ability to scan RS Barcodes and order directly from within the App, electronic design calculators, lookup tables and get regular news updates and more. So try the Toolbox App now for iOS, Android and Windows desktop devices.

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Here are some products to start creating and developing your smart systems.

DesignSpark is the home of our engineering community. It’s an online platform which enables passionate engineers to share ideas and find resources or tools to help with their projects.

Check out some of the brilliant articles DesignSpark offers, written by other engineers.

Discover the world’s smartest office building

The Edge in Amsterdam is the most efficient working environment the world has ever witnessed. Its technology improves employee performance plus saves energy and cost – alleviating that 9 to 5 slog. Click through to see what the future looks like.

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Remotely control your HVAC systems

We already know that a huge amount of energy is wasted due to inefficient heating and air conditioning equipment. Take control of your HVAC systems to save money and reduce energy consumption – and also help look after the environment.

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Futureproof your wireless designs with OTA

Read more about how Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates field devices, the types of OTA updates available and how it can help futureproof wireless technology in you buildings.

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Overcoming back pressure in airflow systems

Air movement provides a healthy environment for personal comfort and maintains temperature. Learn more about what you can do to protect your airflow systems to maximise their performance.

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