RS BBC micro:bit

We’re extremely excited to announce our latest partnership with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. We’re proud to be working with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation to support their aim of extending the reach of the BBC micro:bit, so that every child in the world has the possibility of learning digital creativity and computing skills.

Along with the exciting new micro:bit, we have an additional 3 product variants from the foundation including the micro:bit go, micro:bit club and the micro:bit bulk box. see below lots of exciting information about this new product range and how you can place your order today or contact us at

Lindsley Ruth, CEO Electrocomponents, commented:"We’re delighted to be partnering with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and to be supporting the launch of the micro:bit version 2. Since its launch in 2016, the micro:bit has helped over 25 million children to learn computing and digital creativity skills, and we’re extremely pleased to make our contribution to extending the reach of the micro:bit and get it in the hands of every child."


Everything you need to know about the new micro:bit

The new micro:bit is a mini-computer that has been designed to make the coding fun and easy to learn. The micro:bit is completely programmable so you can easily bring your ideas to life! From making games to creating music and even controlling robots. The micro:bit comes with neat hardware such as a 25 LED display, buttons, in-built speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and sensors for temperature, motion & light.