Energy Saving

Diris Multi-Function Energy Meter

  • Multi-measurement and metering (currents, voltages, frequency, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor)
  • Direct acess keys
  • THD voltages and currents up to level 51
  • Programmable hour meter
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Optional aditionnal modules
  • Pulse output / alarm management
  • RJ485 Jbus / modbus communication
Diris Multi-Function Energy Meter
Stock No. Description Price
709-9690 A10 5 A 50-500 Vac DIN Rail R2796.97
709-9697 A10 5A 50-500 Vac DIN Rail with MODBUS communication via RS485 R2118.55
709-9666 A20 5 A 50-500 Vac panel R2309.49
709-9675 A40 1 / 5 A 110-400 Vac / 120-350 Vdc panel R3352.63
709-9678 A40 1 / 5 A 12-48 Vdc panel R4376.99

Efergy e2 Wireless Energy Meter

  • Wireless transmission (433,52 mhz) with a typical range of 40-70 m
  • Measuring current 50 mA – 95 A
  • 64 K internal memory (sufficient for 12 months+ of data)
  • USB download connection
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (Not supplied)
Efergy e2 Wireless Energy Meter
Stock No. Description Price
690-3863 Power meter R610.57
690-3867 Wireless additional sensor R95.62

Power Monitoring Devices PAC3100 and 4200

  • Simple mounting and commissioning
  • High IP65 degree of protection permits usage in extremely dusty and wet environments
  • Intuitive operation using 4 function buttons and multilingual plain text displays
  • Low mounting depth
  • Worldwide use
  • Go to for more technical details
Power Monitoring Devices PAC3100 and 4200
Stock No. Description Price
723-2232 PAC3100 R2235.34
723-2235 PAC4200 R8515.58

Digital Motor Load Monitors

  • Units which measure true motor load in kW featuring a digital display of kW% and programmable trips for over and/or under load events
  • These units protect equipment from damage caused by the motor running against a jam, blockage or under load and are also used in processes to trigger subsequent actions when predetermined load levels are reached (end point monitoring)
  • The display is used as a reference enabling motor load, trip levels and all other variables to be displayed and programmed quickly and accurately using only three push buttons
Digital Motor Load Monitors
Stock No. Description Price
245-5941 HPL110 440 Vac R4184.61

Altivar ATV 32 Series Inverters

  • Built-in bluetooth link
  • Easy-fit communication cards in cassette format
  • STO: safe torque Off safety function
  • SLS: safely limited speed safety function
  • SS1: safe stop 1 safety function
  • 150 further functions, including application-specific functions (conveying, cutting, hoisting, etc)
Altivar ATV 32 Series Inverters
Stock No. Description Price
713-9925 ATV32 Inverter Drive 0,18 kW 240 V 1 Phase R2114.19
713-9928 ATV32 Inverter Drive 0,37 kW 240 V 1 Phase R2252.23
713-9922 ATV32 Inverter Drive 0,55 kW 240 V 1 Phase R2615.96
713-9931 ATV32 Inverter Drive 0,75 kW 240 V 1 Phase R3066.41

Digital Time Delay Relay

  • Flexible functionality with wide range applications
  • 17 functions
  • Tamper proof with key lock function
  • Selectable up / down counting modes - to show elapsed/remaining time
  • 3 Digit LCD for preset time and run time
  • Clear LED indication of relay status
Digital Time Delay Relay
Stock No. Description Price
714-0023 24-240 Vac SPDT R349.95
714-0032 24-240 Vac DPST R349.95