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    Digitalizing Food Production with ABB

    Digitalizing Food Production with ABB

    ABB's Cloud-Based Solution for Energy Efficiency

    Learn how ABB's cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized operations at Hermes International, a leading food producer based in Croatia. By implementing ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) and Ekip UP digital units, Hermes International achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency and cost reduction.

    The Challenge

    Hermes International faced significant challenges common to food producers, including the risk of process interruptions leading to costly production downtime, food waste, and quality issues. Managing process conditions such as safety, hygiene, and temperature was crucial to avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring product quality.

    The Solution

    ABB's innovative solution provided Hermes International with enhanced reliability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. By integrating ABB Ability™ EDCS and Ekip UP technologies, Hermes could optimize energy consumption, improve production processes, and enhance overall operational control. These solutions allowed for real-time monitoring, reporting, and alarming, enabling proactive management of energy resources and production parameters.

    The Results

    The implementation of ABB technologies brought substantial benefits to Hermes International, including enhanced reliability and efficiency in production processes, decreased emissions, and improved product quality. The integration of Ekip UP enabled power peak shaving, leading to significant energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions. Moreover, ABB's digital solutions enabled Hermes to modify production processes and access comprehensive analytics for further productivity improvements and cost reduction. This successful implementation marked a milestone as the first ABB project of its kind in the Croatian food industry, demonstrating the effectiveness and adaptability of ABB's solutions in optimizing operations and fostering business continuity.

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