What are CPLDs?
CPLDs stand for complex programmable logic devices. They are used to implement complex combinational or sequential circuits. They are made up of logic array blocks, programmable interconnects and I/O blocks.
Logic Array Blocks
• Logic array blocks consist of macro cells, inward / non inward metrics, and support for flip flops ICs that allow you to implement sequential circuits.
Programmable Interconnects
• Programmable interconnects are used to disperse signals for one logic array block to another
I/O Blocks
• I/O blocks are pins that can be programmed as an input pin, output pin or both.
Features and Benefits
• Non-volatile configuration memory
• CPLD can function immediately on start-up as there is no ROM required
• Large number of gates available, typically thousands to tens of thousands
• On-chip non-volatile memory
• Low-power requirements
• Easy to use
Where would find a CPLD?
• High performance, critical applications
• Digital designs to perform the function of a boot loader
• Loading configuration data of a field programmable gate array from non-volatile memory
• Small design applications like dress decoding
• Cost sensitive, battery operated portable devices
How do FPGA differ from CPLDs?
FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. FPGAs are small semiconductor devices known as integrated circuits, or ICs for short. FPGAs are built from one basic logic cell, duplicated hundreds of time. FPGAs are found in radar systems, military hardware, medical devices and telecommunications
Applications of CPLD
CPLDs are ideal for high performance, control applications and digital designs to perform boot loader functions. We offer cost effective CPLDs for portables devices such as phones tablets and smaller address decoding designs applications.

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Description Price Family Name Number of Macro Cells Number of User I/Os Memory Type Number of Logic Blocks/Elements In System Programmability Mounting Type Package Type Pin Count Propagation Delay Individual Output Enable Control Dimensions Height Length
RS stock no. 545-9031
Mfr. Part No.EPM7128SQC100-15N
R 288.47
MAX 7000S 128 84 EEPROM 8 In System Surface Mount PQFP 100 - Yes 20 x 14 x 2.7mm 2.7mm 20mm
RS stock no. 830-3619
Mfr. Part No.5M1270ZF324C5N
R 292.09
MAX V 980 271 Flash 1270 In System Surface Mount FBGA 324 10ns Yes 19 x 19 x 1.25mm 1.25mm 19mm
RS stock no. 545-8612
Mfr. Part No.EPM7128AETI100-7N
R 1,536.94
MAX 7000A 128 84 EEPROM 8 In System Surface Mount TQFP 100 - - 14 x 14 x 1mm 1mm 14mm
RS stock no. 729-3776
Mfr. Part No.EPM1270M256C5N
R 741.62
MAX II 980 212 Flash 1270 In System Surface Mount MBGA 256 6.2ns Yes 11 x 11 x 1.05mm 1.05mm 11mm
RS stock no. 169-5484
Mfr. Part No.EPM7128AETC100-7N
R 841.978
Each (In a Tray of 90)
MAX 7000A 128 84 EEPROM 8 In System Surface Mount TQFP 100 - - 14 x 14 x 1mm 1mm 14mm
RS stock no. 177-3626
Mfr. Part No.ATF1504AS-10AU100
R 80.835
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Atmel 64 64 EEPROM 10 In System Surface Mount TQFP 100 7.5ns Yes 14.1 x 14.1 x 1.05mm 1.05mm 14.1mm